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He Who Dies with Most Toys Wins


I often wondered
About the meaning of life
Why we put up
With all this trouble and strife.

I looked at Buddha
And Christianity
But something there told me beware
This is not the one for me.

Then I found it
By the glow of a green LCD
Yes, finally, it came to me
The true philosophy.

He who dies with most toys wins
Spend some money, your life begins
No one’s counting good deeds bad sins
Counting possessions, the rich man grins
Cos he who dies with most toys wins.

Gimme gadgets
With flashing coloured lights
Hifi gear stacked up to here’s
One of the world’s most moving sights.

The perfect plaything
Isn’t cuddly, curvaceous or round
It’s digitised, it’s computerised
It’s got stereo sound surround.

So choose your toys boys
They can bring enlightenment
My car CD, believe you me
Was surely heaven sent.


It’s leap of faith time
But don’t forget the remote
Believe like me in electricity
Immortality doesn’t come for free.

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