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Out of the Blue

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I saw a giant standing tall and lonely
Watching as the silver bird flew by
A sleeping man was lying on the dark sea
A trickle of ink ran from his eye.

I saw a wise king with his crown and sceptre
Gazing out across the eastern sea
A woman with her hair piled high above her
Pointed at a little cat, perched up in a tree.

Clouds in a collisseum
Actors and actresses, moving on cue
Nobody else can see them
Come out of the blue.

A teddy bear with tumours fat and furry
Sitting in a chariot pulled by whales
Raised his paw and told them all to hurry
Cross the carpet of tortoises and snails

A sphinx with a line of Mayan statues
A Buddha with a radio-active heart
Fred Flintstone, Fred Flintstone with is hands on his knees
Blowing on a tanker to push it off the chart.

chorus / bridge / solo (verse pattern)

The dinosaur was laughing at the tortoise
While Sherlock Holmes reclined upon the floor
A beggar with a veil of mist around his face
Reached out to grab the silver bird before it reached the shore.

chorus / chorus

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