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Album of the Year – Pat Metheny We Live Here

Most disappointing Over-hyped album : The Beatles Anthology – vol 1
Best Obscure Pop Album : The Greenberry Woods – big money item
Best cover version album : Annie Lennox – Medusa
Worst Geographical Decision : Deep Forest’s shift from Africa to the Caucasus
Most unnecessary cover version : Michael Jackson – Come Together
Best ethereal jazz / pop hybrid effort : Elvis Costello/Bill Frisell – Deep Dark Blue
Best Chinese singer album : Faye Wong – Tian Kong
Best Comeback Album by Ageing Rock Drummer : Ginger Baker – Going Back Home
Wettest, longest, stickiest reverb : Enya – memory of trees
Best on-line music magazine : Addicted to Noise
Best drummer album : Roy Haynes – te vou! 
Best Live Album : Annie Lennox live in Central Park
Best Tribute Album : Hendrix – In From The Storm
Most embarrassing psychotherapy session : Michael Jackson – Scream
Worst Critically Acclaimed Album : Blur – the great escape
Most Wince-Inducing Woman Scorned Song : Alanis Morrisette – you ought to know
Best album sans drummer (what a relief) : Al Di meola etc – The Rites of Strings
Best Gaelic fringe pop album : Del Amitri – Twisted
Best blues / dance-drumloop hybrid effort : Little Axe – The Wolf That House Built 
Best sax album : Brecker Bros – Out of the Loop
Most disappointing follow-up : Ace of Base – The Bridge
Biggest overall disappointment : Randy Newman – Faust 
Best remixed “best of” album : Michael Jackson – HIStory (listen to cleaned-up opening to Billie Jean!) 
Best concert : Cleveland rock and roll hall of fame (yes!) 
Best Zappa Album : Best of 
Best Jazz Guitar album : John McLaughlin – where fortune smiles
The special Anton Graham “running out of ideas, are we sunshine?” award : Simply Red – Life
Single of the Year NOT : Beatles – Free as a Bird
Best Jazz Guitar Album for Release in 1996 : Eugene Pao – by the company you keep
Best retro pop album : McAlmont and Simpson – the sound of… 
Best Blues Album : Kim Wilson – that’s Life
Jennifer’s pick of album of the year : Oasis – What’s the story, Morning Glory

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